For more than 45 years, Brenta has been manufacturing injection moulds for large-sized plastic materials. Our experience and wealth of knowledge is the driving force behind the continuous evolution and development of our in-house know-how and skills that allows us to manufacture rotary moulds, glazing, rotational cube moulds and with up to 4 colours/materials.

Our moulds manufacture departments use highly advanced manufacturing equipment, wire erosion machines and milling machines with 5 axles.
Our team has several years of experience built up over a variety of markets: automotive, household appliances, helmets for motorcycles and skiing, washing and garden, furniture and lighting, and household.
This know-how across the board is the added value defining our professionalism.
Our distinctive traits is the high precision with which we are able to machine steel surfaces, so as to achieve highly articulate machining quality with very low tolerances. This know-how allows us to manufacture complex and state-of-the-art steel elements that are then used in the moulding process to manufacture highly aesthetic plastic components such as optical surfaces and light guides that can be installed in the most modern LED lighting systems of vehicle headlights.

The manufacturing process relies on a set of measuring systems that allow Brenta to match the originally agreed design requirements.
We follow the mould from our tool shop all the way to the customer’s premises, providing scheduled maintenance.

Our “Mould and Moulding” profile combines two complementary business divisions like the manufacture of moulds and injection moulding, allowing our customers to perform tests during the pilot production.

Our pilot production testing checks:

  • functionality of the mould
  • efficiency of the mould
  • and the quality of the moulded component

Our production is organised so as to ensure it is efficient and flexible, and so that it can identify the best solution to meet the delivery deadline.

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Mould manufacture
Efficient deliveries