The moulds for injection moulding manufactured by Brenta are the result of complex engineering studies conducted by our production organisation, identifying the design and manufacturing solutions that are most efficient and functional in order to a perfect moulding.
Our technical department, composed of more than 20 designers, analyze, develop and carry out our customers ideas. This work is at the core of our manufacturing process.
By sharing the results obtained by the design and simulation of the injection-mould process through our Moldflow system, our production managers are able to spot any critical issues at the source and to plan all the stages of the job order, from the geometry of the part to the numbers of prints, from the injection moulding points to the moulding procedures.

The key importance of the engineering and design phase has seen our team of engineers and designers constantly evolve over the past 45 years. Today, our team uses the most advanced software to:

  • conduct component feasibility analyses
  • perform flow simulations
  • conduct cooling system analyses
  • analyse part deformation
  • design 3D models of the component