In some cases, the moulded plastic component requires treatment of the surface to increase its functional and aesthetic characteristics and provide greater customisation opportunities. At Brenta, we can provide finishes of moulded parts thanks to our PVD metal plating process, screen printing and pad printing on plastic.

PVD Metal plating
Metal plating gives plastic components a metal-like effect and some of the properties of metal (reflection). The Brenta Group handles the entire process from start to finish, also manufacturing customised frames. Metal plating is used especially in the production of plastic parts for the automotive industry, such as bezels, housings and pillars.

Screen printing on plastic
Depending on our customer’s needs, we can provide screen printing on frames for a customised plastic component.

Pad printing on plastic
The plastic component can also be customised through pad printing. This option is in high demand from customers in the household appliance market.